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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

South Dakota Trip Report - Sophia Meets the Family

Sophia makes her first pilgrimage to the Heads along with her Grandma, her Aunt Amy, and her lame-o parents. Like, whatever!

One of the highlights of our trip back to South Dakota was Sophia meeting all of her wild and woolly relatives for the first time.

Since this will be largely a photographic exercise depicting the young one in the arms of various members of the family, I'll hold off on any further description, except to note that Sophia did her normal trick of behaving herself perfectly at major events and convincing everybody around her to completely fall in love with her.

Since I remember vividly when Cousin Lauryn was Sophia's age, it's a bit surreal to see her as a young lady holding my infant daughter. Pretty cool, but it's kinda weird how quickly time passes. Lauryn, just wait - before you know it, a grown-up Sophia will be holding and cooing over your child!

Great-Grandpa Holland and the little one share a quiet chuckle.

Grandpa Mike and Sophia engage in some rigorous intellectual discourse.

Great-Grandma Holland and Sophia hit it off right away.

A napping Sophia made copious use of Grandma Cathy's drool rag.

Uncle Joe said of Sophia "this is my favorite age!" Now that Sophia no longer sleeps through the night, that age goes down as our favorite too.

Aunt Becky has a great touch with kids - as well she should, as an award-winning teacher.

Aunt Deb and Uncle Jim shower more attention on the little one, as Leigh helpfully holds up Cousin Aaron's picture into the frame. It's almost like he was there, isn't it?


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