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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chris' Object of Automotive Desire - 1/25

The Jaguar XJ series sedans have long been symbols of a bygone era. With its delicate styling and old world interior appointments fairly dripping with wood and leather in the characteristically cramped cabin, the XJ has historically offered an elegant presence that set it apart from the pack with performance among the best in the world.
This COoAD primarily concerns the first edition, which debuted in 1968 - the prettiest, complete with an inline six as smooth as the leather hides on the seats. There was also an XJ12 available, with a hugely complex but massively torquey V-12, giving it a top speed of nearly 150 mph - making it both one of the fastest and one of the most refined motorcars available in that era.


Anonymous Archibald Mung said...

The XJ has been my OoAD lately as well. I am compiling a list of fast-depreciating and hopefully-no-too-expensive-to-buy-or-maintain-but-still-stylin autos and I am considering adding the mid-late 90's XJ to my list.

3:12 PM

Blogger mrclm said...

The XJ12 has long been on my list of most desireable cars. Something about owning a 12 cylinder has always appealed to me. Something about doing 140 mph and handing Grey Poupon bottles out the window sounds fun.

Big Chris

11:57 AM

Blogger mrclm said...

The problem with a lot of these Jags was that they ran like crap. Often, a good modification was to convert to a chevy small block for reliability. Jags that Run as a good resource/example of this.

Big Chris

11:58 AM


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