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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chris' Object of Automotive Desire - 10/19

Time for a Mopar injection.

I've always loved Plymouth Superbirds - they have all of the ingredients to make the perfect muscle car.

Lots of power? Check - the legendary 426 Hemi.

Racing heritage? Check - this was the most legendary NASCAR ride of the day, and was the chariot of King Richard Petty for some time.

Unique styling? Check - aside from some of the Corvettes of the time, the Superbird was the only muscle car to combine sleek lines with the brutality that muscle cars so alluring.

Scarcity? Check - these were only in production for a short time and there are just a handful left today - and all of them, if they're in good shape, go for six-figure amounts.

About 15 years ago, Car & Driver did a feature on a gentleman who bought his Superbird roughly 10 years previously (so sometime in the early 1980s) for a pittance. The only problem was the paint on the roof and the ridiculously high spoiler was scuffed - you see, he'd been using the car to haul plywood, balanced precariously on the roof and the spoiler.

That's like eating lasagna off the Mona Lisa.

I'd love to have one, but these days only the serious collectors can afford one - and I doubt they get driven, which is a real pity.


Anonymous Sean Peen said...

I love how the superbird looks extremely fast, yet also like it could fall apart and explode. What are your thoughst on the recent crop of retro-styled "muscle" cars from Ford and Chrysler?

9:21 AM

Blogger mrclm said...

There is a guy down the street from my parent's house with a partially restored Superbird. It's still original orange, and has some bondo visible behind the wheel wells, but it still looks cool, and fast. The blue trunk lid (presumably from a donor car) makes it look like the guy might be a Broncos fan.

11:54 AM


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