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Friday, January 27, 2006

If it Wasn't For Bad Luck ...

Sophia, as usual, has been a bright spot.

There's is only time for a very brief post before I head to work, but I wanted to let everybody know that the next installments of Chris' Object of Automotive Desire may be several days in coming. You see, while we attended the Sonics game last night against the Mavericks (which the Sonics lost horribly), both my laptop and that of another Amazon colleague were stolen out of my buddy's trunk. This is the latest in a series of unfortunate events over the last several weeks for Leigh and I.

Here's what's been going on with us lately:
- The Valiant was towed. (more on this later)
- The Volvo got a flat tire. (more on this later)
- Our rec room was flooded thanks to a recalcitrant stairway drain.
- Our garage flooded multiple times thanks to a recalcitrant driveway drain (more on this later)
- After being a great sleeper at night for months, Sophia has begun waking up 4-10 times a night in the last week, screaming inconsolably. However, she makes up for it by being adorable.
- A watch we bought for Leigh on eBay (used, to save money) wound up needing very expensive repairs.
- The Sonics have been awful.
- My Amazon laptop was stolen.

But, of course, the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl, so given the unlikelihood of that particular event, I suppose the universe had to even itself out somehow. I'm just glad the sun didn't go supernova or something, just to prevent this seeming impossibility from taking place.

To be honest, I'm a little weary of vandalism. My 10-speed bike was stolen off our porch in Charlotte, and of course that was unfortunate. But since we've moved back to Seattle, we've lost our Acura Integra, the Volvo's radio and side window, and now my laptop to theft.



Blogger mrclm said...

Trunk Monkey Ad watch #4. It'll solve all your problems. Or a really big dog, with lots of sharp teeth, and a bad disposition. And always keep the dog just a little bit hungry. And of course, I'm available for hire, but I eat more than a monkey or dog, so I'm not nearly as cost effective.

Big Chris

11:49 PM

Blogger Ron Coscorrosa said...

The Sonics haven't been awful lately (other than the game we attended, and the root cause of that was the absence of Ridnour, and to a much lesser extent, Radmanovic).

Our buddy Robot Stiff has been lighting it up, he's finishing, rebounding, and playing solid defense, along with Petro.

Prior to the loss at home to Dallas, they had beaten both Phoenix and Utah on the road, and yesterday they beat NJ at home. Ridnour, especially, has been kicking ass of late.

Your problem is you only watch Sonic games in person, and they always lose when you're present.

Oh, and at least you have a working password. I know I'm going to come in on Monday and my password won't work, at which point, I'll be forced into mindless foosball and devil sticks while they figure it out.

1:26 PM


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