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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chris' Object of Automotive Desire - 1/26

I'm sure we've all heard the story about the guy who, in the holy pursuit of ultimate acceleration, strapped a JATO rocket to the roof of his station wagon and promptly flattened himself against a canyon wall.
bviously this man was foolish on many levels - and fictional, to boot - because if he was after ultimate acceleration, he would have been far better off procuring an Audi RS6 posthaste.

The RS6 is one of those rare machines that has no weaknesses (save price). Its immensely powerful twin-turbo 40-valve V-8 gives it the massive torque and high-end horsepower to bend the mind, blur reality, and give the impression that, rather than accelerating forwards, you've just driven off a cliff. But the Audi, thanks to the miracle of tenacious all-wheel-drive traction, is less likely than the JATO wagon to leave the driver spread all over a canyon wall. And even if our thrill-seeker was accelerating uncontrollably towards a fiery demise, the Audi's aggressive yet subtle styling would ensure he'd look good doing it.

All RS6 models offer up a heady combination of elegance and vicious performance, but my particular favorite is the Europe-only RS6 Plus Avant - combining all of the RS6's strengths with the utility and beauty of a wagon body and an extra jolt of horsepower. The Plus has 480 twin-turbocharged horsepower with which to warp the laws of physics - for example, this heavy wagon flies to 60 mph in the 4-second range. Sir Isaac Newton would be either be extremely pleased or completely horrified - I'm not sure which.

If forced to choose one car to live with for the rest of my life, price no object, I think the RS6 Plus Avant just might have to be the car.


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