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Monday, July 18, 2005

A Spectrum of White

Two virtually worthless Chevrolet Spectrums (Spectra?).

For some unknowable reason, a collector in West Seattle has brought together two generally white, thoroughly knackered, Chevrolet Spectrums (Spectra?). The Spectrum was the late and completely unlamented re-badge job of the notably unremarkable Isuzu I-Mark - a relentlessly mediocre Japanese compact that was completely undeserved of a rebadging. Heartbeat of America, indeed!

It seems a bit odd that this man would invest this much effort to collect two virtually identical examples of a particular low point in automotive history - though I suppose it is remarkable that these two examples, unlike the rest of their bretheren, have not yet decomposed into their component atoms (though they appear to be on the way). Think about it - how many Chevy Citations, Ford Pintos, or FIAT Puntos have you seen recently?

I'm just waiting with bated breath to see whether spinners and "Mugen Power" stickers appear on these cars. If so, I heartily approve.


Blogger mrclm said...

I have to think it's handy to keep a couple of these cars around. They're cheap, so if you want to ramp one off of something like a movie you watched last night, you can do so without too much financial impact. A small can of NOS can make these things really move for 15-20 second before every rod bolt shears off, which is more than enough time and speed to do something really dangerous and fun. What man can't think of a really cool way to properly destroy one of these cars? Now all he has to do is have one (or two) handy for when the wife leaves town...

Big Chris
Because I said so

12:18 AM

Blogger Chris Hafner said...

I like the way you think - a stable of craptacular little cars to thrash, abuse, and do all kinds of stupid things with.

Now I want one.

A small can of NOS can make these things really move for 15-20 second before every rod bolt shears off

This made me grin ...

10:18 AM


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