Unbelievable excitement ensues as two Seattleites prepare for a baby!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blast-off imminent?

Leigh and Sophia - on the "outs?"

The infant miraculously embedded within Leigh's body appears to be growing more and more eager to escape her biological prison. According to the estimable Dr. McDermott, Sophia has pointed herself in the "Action Position" - head-down, and ready to roll. At 37 weeks into the process, she could really come at any time. Other news from the good doctor - Sophia is roughly six pounds at the moment and kicking up a storm. While she is not the gargantuan baby we were warned about a few months ago, she is big enough to be a fully functioning baby when she chooses to emerge.

Given Leigh's two quick-but-notable contractions that woke her up last night, we are going to be packing our bags tonight so that we are fully ready when the time comes - and I finally get to engage in the much-awaited Seattle Grand Prix (also known as driving Leigh to Swedish at white-knuckle speeds).


Blogger JMB said...

I'm, uh, ready to get my Hafner on.

We (mostly Carrie) started a Luke Blog this week. He's quite a bit bigger than last time you saw him.


4:53 PM

Blogger Chris Hafner said...

Very cool - I'll link to it from this page.

Nice beard!

8:39 AM

Blogger Ron Coscorrosa said...

I like how you said "a Luke Blog" - as if everyone is doing it these days.

"Yeah man, I gotta get me a Luke Blog, all the cool cats have one!"

I think you should just call it a Bluke.

And Chris, that beard picture was posted way back when on USS Mariner. You should check it out sometime, those kids have potential (the writers, the Mariners... not so much).

5:40 PM

Anonymous Shannon Ganoe said...


K.Evans is no longer the only person in NC who is in love with your husband, Leigh. Chris, you choose your words so, well, so... I can't think of a better way to describe it than OUT THERE!

I am SO excited for you all. I will be a regular hit on this site until the big day!

Wishing you a peaceful delivery and sending you much love.

11:45 AM

Anonymous Karen Evans said...

I guess my cover is blown now. Yes, Chris, I am in love with you -- you're at the top of an ever-growing list of other women's husbands whom I am in love with.

11:53 AM

Blogger Jim Holland said...

Is it just me or is anyone else wondering how Chris gets away with referring to Leigh as a "biological prison?"

2:14 PM


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