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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Keeping pace

Leigh on bedrest - hard at work, of course. Is she working on a blog post? Actually, no.

Well, we're a little less than a week into this grand experiment, and already I'm re-learning how difficult it is to keep pace shoveling content into the Great Maw of the Internet. Of course, "shoveling" is actually a pretty decent word to use when discussing the organic matter I've spewed so far on this site. I've already had one comment that the content was too old. While that feedback is from a reader who I've since learned is a clinically insane and homicidal 95-year-old woman, it's still good to know.

We'll have to see how all this works out. I've seen entirely too many blogs which detail the prosaic information of everyday life with the expectation that readers are breathlessly interested in the events which even those experiencing them find dull.

"Oh, look at this! They had Cheerios this morning. Honey Nut Cheerios, no less! Sassy! And let's see ... check this out, honey! They laid around and watched TV tonight!"

So it will all be about finding the right compromise, I think. If I have to work too hard to come up with something interesting, I may drift slightly farther towards the fiction end of the spectrum - perhaps concocting multi-week hot air balloon trips for Leigh, while placing myself in the center of armed insurrections in Guam.

One easy way to provide more interesting content would be for Leigh to offer some thoughts. After all, she's the one who's pregnant, and the person everybody really wants to hear from. But no - she's going to continue to play coy - while continuing to pull various strings to run the world while she's on bedrest.


Anonymous Clinically Insane and Homicidal 95-year-old woman said...


11:37 AM

Blogger Chris Hafner said...

Back off, you jackal!

10:21 AM


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