Unbelievable excitement ensues as two Seattleites prepare for a baby!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big News Fails to Happen!

Seattle--Today, at Swedish Hospital, Leigh Miller did not give birth to a girl, Sophia, roughly eight pounds in weight.

Today, Miller's due date, was not spent in labor, giving birth to her long-awaited and much-loved child.

"For a little while, nothing was happening," Miller said. "Then, after that, nothing continued to happen."

Miller's husband, Chris Hafner, shared his wife's joy and excitement - or, rather, the exquisite lack of same - at the day's thoroughly excitingly anti-climactic events.

"The day of childbirth is always full of wonder and euphoria; pain and beauty; joy and wistfulness," Hafner said. "It is a day that changes you forever. Today is just like that - except without the childbirth."

When asked for her comment about how she's handling the waiting process, Leigh said, "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!111!!!1!!!!!"


Anonymous Momma & Pops said...

Perfect! I’ve tapped in 10 times/day, was heartily weary of Storm Story. I knew Sophia wasn't here since we’ve not received The Call - but was eager to read your thoughts about situation. I’m frightened & confused about 1's mixed with !'s in Leigh's comment. Did your little shifty finger get all tuckered out?
Sophia's Gramma H.
P.S. I just checked the clock, and there are six hours left before July 27 officially ends. It could still happen…

3:53 PM

Blogger Ron Coscorrosa said...

We need to start a betting pool[1], I'll put down $5 for July 30th 3PM, and $10 for "the most inconvenient time possible", since that's probably when it's going to happen.

[1] Leigh is not allowed in this pool due to an obvious conflict of interest.

1:07 AM

Blogger Jim Holland said...

"Suspense is not when the audience knows there's a bomb under the table, and it goes off. Suspence happens when the audience knows about the bomb, and it doesn't go off,"--Alfred Hitchcock.

I dunno if the childbirth/bomb comparo is quite right, but we certainly do have the suspense factor here.

Chris, you and Leigh may want to curb use of the shift key right now. Trust me, you're going to need all those exclamation points later...


5:58 AM

Anonymous Karen Evans said...

L & C,

I would like to offer some sage and comforting advice from my vast childbirth experience...However, as I cannot seem to get a man to go past first base, much less impregate me, I got nothin'.

I have heard that eating spicy food, sex and foot massages can trigger labor. I think you should try all three. If you're feeling really brave (or desperate!) do all three at once.

Love you guys!!


6:54 AM

Anonymous Brenda said...

Patience, Haf, Patience.
Course I imagine she's ready for the arrival. Let us know how things are going.


5:02 PM


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