Unbelievable excitement ensues as two Seattleites prepare for a baby!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Sophia doesn't look especially happy about it, but she was recently baptized into the Catholic religion.

Sophia was baptized at Assumption Catholic Church in Seattle on Oct. 30. That was a ridiculous amount of time ago, so this post will be more of a filler between photos rather than anything unique or special in its own right.

Parents, godparents, and new baptizee pose for photos - of course, they're all looking in different directions.

I will say, however, that not only was it wonderful to get our friends and family (at least those reasonably local to Seattle) , and very special to see Godfather Kevin Robertson and Godmother Karen Evans (other Godmother Erica FitzRoy was unable to attend, having recently moved to South Carolina) officially take up their already unofficially cemented positions as major influences in our daughter's life, but the moment itself carried unexpected power.

The Hafners also can't decide where they're looking - but they sure are having a good time!

I'm not even Catholic, preferring a more Protestant-oriented faith, but it was an amazing moment. Thanks to all who participated in what was another wonderful moment in Sophia's young life.

The Miller side of the family - in color!

And for those of you who couldn't be there, we were thinking of you - and eating enough pastries and snacks to represent you.

Many thanks to Eric and Tommy for providing the black-and-white photography.


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