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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

O Sophia, Where Art Thou?

To answer 2005's most commonly-asked question:

No. No baby yet. No contractions, no labor, no birth, no life-changing event, no holding our daughter in our hands, no Leigh escaping for her biological nightmare. And yes, we're nearly a week after due date.

We are currently in this weird emotional purgatory in which Leigh somehow, despite all odds, continues to get more and more pregnant - she experiences more and more weird and uncomfortable things, and labor stubbornly refuses to begin. So much for the mucus plug and bloody show, eh? Just goes to show that secretions are an untrustworthly lot, I suppose.

Meanwhile, we can't exactly commit to doing anything other than sit around the house, since labor could conceivably hit at any time - so we continue to wait and put our lives on hold in anticipation of an event that has to this point resolutely refused to occur.

After waiting for this to happen over a period of time that has felt roughly equivalent to the Dawn of Time, we are both so numb and exhausted that neither of us at this point really believes that our child will ever actually arrive. We're like the little kids that send away for a toy with our cereal box UPCs - our fever pitch of excitement has worn down to resigned waiting, which in turn has morphed into a mix of slightly paranoid anticipation and resigned boredom.

Hopefully, unlike this example, when 'Phia arrives, she won't be a small, cheaply-made plastic toy. Now that would be disappointing - and a bit disturbing.

Bizarre, I know, but what can I say? We're going a bit stir-crazy at the moment.

We'll let everybody know as soon as anything happens - good, bad, or ugly.


Blogger Jim Holland said...

Keep the Faith, Chris and Leigh!

Please remember that due dates for the arrival on infants are like fuel economy estimates for new cars--your mileage may vary. 'Sides, Doctors like to think they know alot about this birthin' babies bidness, but they are really at the mercy of a wonderful yet most unpredictable process, just like the rest of us.

So relax. But if you insist on Doing Something, you can try some self-inducement procedures.

Harley rides or a polish sausage with all the trimmings have been known to be effective. For Leigh, that is.

Chris, you might try going somewhere unannounced for about a half-hour with your cell phone off. That would probably do it, too.


3:43 PM

Anonymous Hans Wiener said...

I think a polish sausage is what got us here in the fist place. Or a bratwurst.

4:28 PM

Anonymous Momma & Pops said...

At least you still have a sense of humor about it!
We have been trying very hard to exercise patience and not call you two every 15 minutes. Occasionally, we lift the receiver to see if we still have dial tone, and we check the cell phones frequently for signal strength. On the rare occasion that the phone actually rings, our heart rate doubles until we read the caller ID.
As far as ideas on expediting this event, I think my brother's idea that Chris disappear for half an hour is probably the most likely to succeed, although I must say that a ride on a motorcycle (Honda, not Harley) is what seemed to expedite your entry into the world, Chris.
The bottom line is - Sophia is in charge. She'll be that way for the next, say, 18-20 years. Maybe she plans to show up on your anniversary Saturday! We have a family history of that!
Sophia's GP's

5:53 PM

Blogger ganancy said...

Hey gang, hang in there! We all need to think of something else for a second and then THAT will bring her around, she must REALLY like her little nest. Any word of inducement from the doc? Start talking of that and it could scare her out of you, Leigh!!! Are you dilated any more than 4? Perhaps you will wait around until you are at 9 7/8. That would be a good and bad thing...how close IS that hospital anyway? Love ya, GANANCY

7:54 PM

Anonymous Karen Evans said...

I'm just happy to know I'm not the only one clutching onto her cellphone. Leigh now has her own ring on my phone -- Abba's "Dancing Queen" (what else?) so I know get overly excited when Elvis or Kristin Chenoweth start singing.

As unofficial liaison to the Charlotte chapter of Babywatch 2005, I feel about 5% of your frustrated anticipation. And it's driving me CRAZY!!!

Love ya!

7:15 AM

Anonymous MARY said...

Hi Leigh and Chris,
I'm driving Karen crazy---calling her several times a day to see if she has heard from you. Don't think I was this anxious with my own grandchilren! Karen sent you a package last week with a gift from me. I always buy things in large sizes, so the baby can grow into them. But I never imagined that Sophia might wait to be born, so she could wear it home from the hospital! It time to uncross your legs and let that baby out!
Anxiously awaiting the news of her arrival,

10:12 AM

Anonymous Mary Evans said...

I am driving Karen crazy---calling her several times a day to see if she has heard from you. I don't think I was this anxious with my own grandchildren. Karen sent a package to you last week with a gift from me. I always buy things in large sizes, so the baby can grow into them. But I never dreamed Sophia would wait to be born, so she could wear it home from the hospital! It's time to uncross your legs and let that baby out! Anxiously awaiting news of Sophia's arrival.
Best Wishes, Mary

10:18 AM

Blogger Chris Hafner said...

First off - thanks for the insight, Hans. Your Germanic eloquence has raised the bar.

Thanks for all the notes, guys. Yeah - perhaps I need to take a day trip down to Portland? Passing Kelso and Longview should trigger a rapid-fire labor that would culminate just when I've mushed my way back up to Olympia.

I've tried driving Leigh around at high rates of speed (which as you all know is unusual for me) along bumpy roads in a Nissan Z-car convertible, but that annoys her more than anything else.

Which is fun in its own way, but doesn't accomplish much baby-wise.

1:30 PM

Anonymous Brenda said...

And no offical update today. Is this a good sign?

6:32 PM

Anonymous Robin said...

Lovin the bloggin'!!

Must put in my two cents... as mother of two GIRLIES! Sounds to me like Phia is just giving you a little heads up (no pun intended)... a little warning... that SHE IS ON HER OWN AGENDA!!! Sit tight and get ready for a RIDE!...as the agendas are just beginning! And the fact that hers doesn't mesh with yours... well, let just say, get used to it!!!

Can't imagine where she might have gotten this stubborn trait that she is already exhibiting...hmmm... leigh??

Try Chef Boyardee boxed pizza (we call it feet pizza 'cause it smells like stinky feet!) THAT will send Phia out!!

SO much love to the THREE of you!

11:11 AM

Anonymous Dr Cris said...

I am totally new to this site and I had a great time reading all the hilarious comments. Chris and Leigh, you have quite a collection of very special friends.
Congratulations again.
- Cris V. Villapando

8:10 AM


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