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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

Fri 27 Oct 06:

Today, Leigh, Angela, Sophia, and I got into the Halloween Spirit and carved some white pumpkins.

Sophia may have been around last Halloween, but she was fairly new to the world then and not very mobile. This year, however, she puts those motor skills to good use, diving right in to help Mom get the pumpkin brains into the bowl. After carving, we enjoyed some hot apple cider. Also, Leigh made some delicious toasted pumpkin seeds, carrying on a tradition from her mom (and Sophia's grandma).

Here is Leigh's ol' college friend, Angela, who visited the Hafner Three for five days. She currently lives in Tuscon. Her trip to Seattle is her first time seeing Sophia. As well, Angela has carved pumpkins only one other time in her life! Both Sophia and I really enjoyed meeting Angela and hope she moves back to Seattle someday.

An interesting point to note about Sophia's development is her recognition of facial features. Carving pumkins is a great way for her to identify a nose, the eyes, and a mouth. She can also point to her hair, head, and ears.

Thanks to Leigh, Angela, and Sophia for providing me with one of my favorite Halloween activities. I don't think I would have had time to carve pumpkins otherwise. Next year, we'll have to get Chris involved since he was at work during the festivities.