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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Washington Park Arboretum

Friday 6 October 2006: Sophia turns 14 months old today.
She can't quite say my name yet, so she just calls me Ick.

We head for the Washington Park Arboretum in her parent's car. It's the first time I've driven with a baby. I am admittedly a little nervous, but Sophia remains calm on our maiden voyage together. She points every so often while saying "car." At the Arboretum, we park at the vistor's center and stroll towards the maples. I'm hoping to see some beautiful fall colors in the leaves. Sure enough, we find a spot with some lush greens and vibrants reds and oranges. I take Sophia out of the stroller and plop her down to see what she will do. She just loves running around. It's a rainy, overcast day which makes for messy fun when she picks up leaves and sticks. She's sporting her new Frakenstien shoes; they're a bit big for her still but she manages.
Sophia seems to love nature, taking some extra time to admire this fern. She's such a great companion on our jouney out and very curious about the world around her.


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