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Thursday, September 28, 2006

North East Public Library!

Wed 27 Sep 06
Today we head to the library just a few blocks from the house. We both have a blast. I find the articles needed for class and she finds "Bathtime." Her excitement reaches its peak in the children's section chirpping happy noises (kind of like words) and pointing at everything. Sophia loves books so she goes on sensory overload. Lots of running around and smiling and laughing and interacting with the other children . . . lots of saying "What's that?"

She keeps pulling individual books off the shelf, handing them to me only to run right back to the shelf for another. This goes on for about ten books or so. Sophia discovers the library's childsize tables, chairs, and beanbags. She touches and tries each one out like she's buying furniture at Nordstrum. As well, we pick up an information pamphlet to know when the library hosts a toddler reading time where someone will read a story to the children. Wow.

In the morning, Leigh tells me that Sophia picked out her own sweater. She knows stripes are still all the rage in young toddlers' fashion. As well, she sports a bruiser in the center of her forehead from an unfortunate crunch on the concrete in the park just a few days ago. At the library, Sophia meets a young girl, Pia, who keeps asking us if we want to see her "owey." Pia points to her scabby owey on her knee, and in turn, Sophia pats the center of her forehead. Is she really connecting the two? I have to think so, but it seems so amazing to me. I just love hanging out with this kid!


Anonymous Gordon said...

Thank you for these updates. They're adorable.

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