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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Eric's Babysitting Gig Begins

Tue 19 Sep 06
I prefer to think that Sophia and I are simply spending time together instead of mere babysitting. Her development amazes me since my last post in early August. I notice today that she understands simple commands like “put on your hat.” She also communicates hunger by tapping her fingertips together in a clapping motion. She says “two” when “one” is said to her first, and she seems to blurt out “yo” for yogurt. As well, when her attention turns to the swings at the park, she points and says “weeeeeeee.” Here’s a self portrait with Sophia as we sit together on the swing.

Before the park and afternoon nap, there is lunch. Again, she has changed since August. I am surprised when she grabs the spoon confidently from my hand and proceeds to feed herself! The spoon and food move from hand to hand, upside down to right side up, and from the top of her face to the bottom. She is unforgiving for the mess and very proud of this recent skill as you can see.

Also at the park today, she is all about pinecones, red galoshes, and dandelions. Sophia finds a small pinecone and holds tight to it our entire time in the park. She is also very curious about another young girl in the park of about 7 or 8 years old, but then I realize that maybe Sophia simply likes the girl’s red galoshes. They are very stylish after all. At one point, the older girl takes off one of her galoshes and leaves it in the grass as she runs off to play. Seeing opportunity, Sophia is a beeline to the red boot. I try to persuade her away with the park’s red rocking horse, but Sophia is unconvinced that this is the better option. For the walk home, however, she picks a dandelion, sniffing it occasionally, and turns it into a limp, lifeless flower before we make it to the front door.

Thanks to Leigh and Chris for giving me a wonderful opportunity to spend so much time with Sophia. She just brightens my day! See you on Thursday, Sophia. A parting shot from the merry-go-round.


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