Unbelievable excitement ensues as two Seattleites prepare for a baby!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

We are very happy to report...

...that the population of Seattle went up by one Saturday night!

"Like a Greased Pea out of a Straw…" (Chris Hafner, Thursday Aug. 4 Posting)

Joyfully submitted by Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Mike Hafner

Miss Sophia Elizabeth entered the world at 11:27 on Saturday, August 6, weighing 8 lbs. 15 oz., 19” long. Had she waited another 33 minutes, she would have been born on her parents' 6th anniversary, but she decided she wanted a day all to herself. The sweet little procrastinator was 1½ weeks beyond her due date, but when she decided to take action, things happened very quickly.

Leigh had her scheduled doctor visit on Thursday, and she was still at just 4 cm. Nothing happened, no contractions, no discomfort, until 9:50 on Saturday night. Then the waters broke and contractions began at 2 minutes apart, lasting nearly a minute each. She was so uncomfortable and claustrophobic, she couldn’t get into the car for the drive to the hospital. Finally Chris called 911, which brought the fire department and the ambulance (and that brought out all the neighbors on their street). Chris called us from the ambulance about 10:45 to let us know they were on the way. The medical personnel in back with Leigh kept telling her to keep up the breathing and not to push, that most first births take hours and hours of labor. But one of them mentioned to the driver that he shouldn’t dawdle at the stop lights. They told Leigh they didn’t want to alarm her by putting on the siren, and she replied that she was more alarmed that they weren’t! So the driver looked over at Chris and grinned, saying, “This is the fun part”. He flipped on the lights and siren, and they got to the hospital emergency room about 11:00.

When the nurse examined Leigh, she suddenly became very businesslike – sent word to call the doctor, and told Leigh she was at 10 cm (6 cm in a little over 1 hour!). They went immediately to the delivery room, and Sophia was born shortly thereafter.

Chris called shortly after midnight, and he and Leigh were both feeling great, riding pretty high on adrenalin. Things happened so quickly, they couldn’t quite apprehend it was done. Neither got much sleep that first night.

We drove up Sunday morning from Camas in southern Washington, arriving when Sophia was sleeping on a pillow on Chris’s lap. It was so neat for us to watch Chris and Leigh falling more and more in love with their baby. When Leigh’s family arrived, all of us had a chance to hold her for a few minutes, but most of the time she was asleep. She is “newborn red” in color, has chubby cheeks and thighs, dark hair, and long fingers and fingernails. Grandpa Lyle says she looks just like Leigh did at birth.

It also happened to be SEAFAIR 2005 weekend, Seattle's big summertime extravaganza. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels were doing a show over Lake Washington in the city, and Leigh's hospital window was a good viewing point. Which means our little "Seafair Sophia" was serenaded by angels in a rather spectacular fashion on her first day of life.
An aside: remember Capt. William Clark, of the fabled Lewis & Clark Expedition? Nearly 200 years ago, when they saw the Pacific Ocean after toiling for months and months up the rivers, through the wilderness, and over the mountains, Clark recorded in his journal, ”Ocian in view! O the joy!” For all of us, it is “Baby in view! O the joy!”
Update: Tuesday, August 9, 2:30 p.m.
Leigh and Chris are having a few challenges. Yesterday at home, Sophia wouldn’t sleep and didn’t seem interested in nursing, but she did seem to embrace the concept of crying rather well. She cried inconsolably for hours and hours, with her anxious parents trying everything.

Around 3 a.m. they called the doctor, and because she had a temperature of around 102°, he suggested they go to the emergency room. They couldn’t find anything wrong but said she was hungry and overtired, and somewhat dehydrated by all the crying. (You know how babies get so worked up they can’t settle down to nurse or sleep…) So the nurse gave them a bottle of formula, which Sophia inhaled. Then she slept. But it was another night of very little sleep for Leigh and Chris.

Chris said they will keep little 'Phia at the hospital for a 48- hour observation. Apparently, Leigh carries a Strep B virus in her body (something about one-third of all women carry; it doesn’t affect adults), and since the delivery was so quick, there wasn’t time for an antibiotic I-V during labor. They just want to be sure there isn't a strep infection starting with Sophia. Leigh and Chris are staying with her, and Lyle is on the way. Aunt Linda will join them this evening, and they will take turns staying with Leigh and Sophia through the 48 hours. Chris said right now everything seems to be going well, and this is mainly a precaution. Both of them have managed to catch a couple hours of sleep this afternoon, which certainly helps. We all appreciate your warm thoughts and prayers!

Newsflash 5:30 - Chris just called to say Sophia is sleeping well, feeding well, and has no temperature. The preliminary results on her bloodwork show everything is fine.
Chris apologizes for not keeping up with the baby-blog, and he has given me (Grandma Cathy) the privilege of updating. Without Chris's editing, there may be some inaccuracies that will need to be corrected later.


Blogger GrandmaCathy said...

Well, it is pretty obvious that I'm a novice at this! Sorry about the blue printing on the blue background - it didn't show up that way on the Preview before I published this. I apologize for the eye-strain, and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Grandma Cathy

3:15 PM

Blogger GrandmaCathy said...

Hooray! Much more readable now. GC

3:29 PM

Anonymous Sara Moore said...

Congratulations!! She's gorgeous, not that there was any doubt she would be with her parents. From the sounds of it, she definately has her Dad's dramatic flare.

Cathy--You did a fabulous job. Easy to see where Chris gets his writing ability.


6:33 PM

Blogger ganancy said...

Way to go Grandma, so glad you are computer savvy!!! Congratulations and best wishes to the happy trio. Hope the next few days go well!! Love, Nancy

9:07 PM

Blogger Jim Holland said...

Hello, Sophia, What an entrance, girl!

Chris and Leigh, welcome to your new normal, which in so many ways will be anything but.

You've already shown that you're going to be great parents, and we're bustin' buttons proud of both of you.

Gunkle J

11:07 PM

Blogger mrclm said...

While the only buttons I'm busting are because of my last meal, I would nonetheless like to offer my congratulations as well. Glad to hear she's healthy. I can't wait for Chris to recount the evening! Should be a good/fun read.

Big Chris
Because I said so

12:48 AM

Anonymous Karen Evans said...

Congratulations!!! All of us North Carolinians are thrilled with our little Seattle Sophia!!

I can't wait to meet her! Are you all sure you don't want to come down here for Labor Day?? ;)

6:50 AM

Blogger Angela said...

Congratulations mamma, pappa, and 'Phia! I am so excited about it and she is the most beautiful girl. What a "grand entry" with a bunch of hot firemen, huh. Leigh, what did you eat that day to have a 2-hour labor? I am stocking that up!

7:28 AM

Anonymous gordo said...

Sounds like she is a very healthy baby! I hope everyone gradually catches up on some sleep.

This is all very wonderful news!

7:42 AM


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